Veterinary Centre Piazza Bologna – Rome

Veterinary Centre Piazza Bologna  Rome

The Piazza Bologna Veterinary Centre is a specialist polyclinic, with many years of experience, operating under:
Dr. Eliana Bianchi (Medical director)
Dr. Daelma De Angelis (internal medicine and ultrasound)
Dr. Isabella Recchia (oncology and surgery)
Dr. Elvira Russo (anaesthesiology and pain therapy for post-operative and other pain).
The Veterinary Centre offers various services for internal and general medicine.
We are specialists in vaccinations andneutering and we have our own laboratory where we can undertake the principal veterinary analyses.
The centre has an oncology department, for the hospital treatment of animals affected by tumours and for radiotherapy treatments, as well as its own veterinary anaesthetist and veterinary dentist.
The clinic additionally benefits from the collaboration of colleagues specialising in orthopaedics and exotic animals (rabbits, ferrets, tortoises etc.).
Our principal objective is to care for your animals, which is why we invest the highest levels of commitment and passion in our work.

Contact and opening hours

You will find us in Rome, in Via Berengario 36, very close to Piazza Bologna. We maintain continuous opening hours Monday to Friday, from 10a.m. to 7p.m. and Saturday, from 10a.m. to 1p.m.

We are at your complete disposal via the following contact details:

Landline Number: 
06 44233826

Doctor Eliana Bianchi (surgeon and odontostomatologist)  340.6198442

Doctor Daelma De Angelis (internist and sonographer) 349.3597629

Doctor Isabella Recchia (surgeon and oncologist) 333.5449030

Doctor Elvira Russo (anaesthetist and pain therapy) 339.1975770

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