Specialists in reptiles and rodents in Piazza Bologna

Specialists in reptiles and rodents in Piazza Bologna

Is your parrot showing signs of ill health? Do you want to know how to prevent illness in fish? Does your small rodent need a medical visit but you don’t know where to go? Contact the exotic animalspecialist Veterinary Centre in Rome straight away. In its many years of activity, the clinic has looked after the health of even the most unusual and exotic animals, treating them with expertise and love.
Specialist vets in small animal medicine are here to serve youand your best friend (whether they are cold- or warm-blooded).

Ask today for this exclusive service which is unique in Rome.
Today, finally chameleons and ferrets also have someone who can look after their health in the right way!

From rodents to birds

The experts in medicine for exotic animals in Rome know how to promote the wellbeing of any animal, from fresh or saltwater fish to small rodents and reptiles. Tropical fish, parrots, chinchillas, snakes and chameleons will find invaluable support for their health at the veterinary centre. As well as carrying out check-ups and specialist examinations, the vets specialising in exotic animals in Rome will even be able to provide valuable advice regarding the diet and wellbeing of snakes and the most unusual pets.

If you are a fan of tropical animals, whether warm or cold blooded, take the best care of them with the support of veterinary experts!

Our Veterinary Centre maintains continuous opening hours Monday to Friday, from 10a.m. to 7p.m. and Saturday, from 10a.m. to 1p.m.
We are at your complete disposal to care for your animal friends.
You will find us in Rome, in Via Berengario 36, very close to Piazza Bologna. Contact us via the following contact details:

Landline number: 06 44233826

Email: ambvetbologna@libero.it

Doctor Eliana Bianchi (surgeon and odontostomatologist)  340.6198442

Doctor Daelma De Angelis (internist and sonographer)  349.3597629

Doctor Isabella Recchia (surgeon and oncologist)  333.5449030

Doctor Elvira Russo (anaesthetist and pain therapy)

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