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Health without pain: veterinary with an aesthetist in Piazza Bologna

Veterinary Centre with an aesthetist rome piazza bologna

At the Piazza Bologna Veterinary Centre with an anaesthetist it is possible to intervene, even surgically, without your pet being aware or experiencing pain. In this way, the specialists are able to carry out complex operations, in order to guarantee the immediatewellbeing of cats and dogs, as well as promoting their health in the long-term.

At our clinic, which is dedicated to animal health, we have a qualified specialist in anaesthesia who works in a specially equipped room and with medical instruments that are designed for the purpose.

Our principal aim is to restore your animals'natural wellbeing and we invest our commitment and passion to achieve this.

Equipped room for anaesthesia rome piazza bologna

Equipped room for anaesthesia

The Veterinary Centre with anaesthetist in Rome is highly specialised in animal operations under general anaesthetic.
It boasts a sterile, carefully-equipped medical room where the veterinary anaesthetist has the best medical technologies at their disposal to put the animal to sleep before surgery.

During the operation the conditions of dogs and cats are attentively monitored until they wake up. At this point they may be given painkillers so that the little patients do not experience pain or discomfort.

Veterinary surgery on all animals

The veterinary clinic with anaesthetist in Rome is able to offer personalised treatments for every kind of animal. The dose of anaesthesia will be carefully calculated by the specialist so that the animal does not experience pain during the surgical operation and so that it does not undergo excessive stress. At the centre it is possible to successfully treat not only dogs and cats, but also exotic animals and smaller creatures. For information on how the anaesthesia will be used and how to best prepare you animals, please contact the centre.

Our Veterinary Centre maintains continuous opening hours Monday to Friday, from 10a.m. to 7p.m. and Saturday, from 10a.m. to 1p.m.

You will find us in Rome, in Via Berengario 36, very close to Piazza Bologna.

Contact us via the following contact details:

You will find us in Rome, in Via Berengario 36, very close to Piazza Bologna.

Contact us via the following contact details:

Landline number06 44233826


Doctor Eliana Bianchi (surgeon and odontostomatologist)    340.6198442

Doctor Daelma De Angelis (internist and sonographer) 349.3597629

Doctor Isabella Recchia (surgeon and oncologist) 333.5449030

Doctor Elvira Russo (anaesthetist and pain therapy)  339.1975770

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