Piazza Bologna veterinary centre: who we are

The Piazza Bologna Veterinary Centre is a specialist polyclinic, with many years of experience in the sector. In our clinic we conduct examinations and surgical interventions, samples, vaccinations, neutering, ultrasound and x-rays using cutting-edge diagnostic systems. The clinic benefits from specialist staff: veterinary anaesthetists, dentists and oncologists, as well as colleagues who specialise in exotic animals.

The Piazza Bologna Veterinary Centre is open all day, from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 until 19.00, and on Saturdays from 10.00 until 13.00. We are here to look after your puppies. Contact us using the following telephone numbers:

Landline: 06.44233826

Email: ambvetbologna@libero.it

Doctor. Eliana Bianchi (surgeon and odontostomatologist) 340.6198442

Doctor. Daelma De Angelis (internal medicine specialist and ultrasound technician) 349.3597629

Doctor. Isabella Recchia (surgeon and oncologist) 333.5449030
Doctor. Elvira Russo (anaesthetist and pain therapist) 339.1975770

Veterinary radiology

At the Piazza Bologna Veterinary Centre, we perform x-rays with state-of-the-art diagnostic systems.

Veterinary ultrasound

Book an ultrasound for your four-legged friend! Our centre uses state-of-the-art diagnostic systems.
The Piazza Bologna Veterinary Centre offers a huge range of veterinary services, for general and internal medicine.
Laparoscopic surgery is the solution to ensure your four legged friend does not suffer, so they don’t have to go to hospital or have scarring.
The Piazza Bologna Veterinary Centre is dedicated and passionate about looking after your pets’ oral hygiene.

Veterinary orthopaedics

During the appointment, specialist orthopaedic examinations are carried
out of all pets.

Internal veterinary medicine

The internal medicine specialist takes care of assessing animals that present a disease stemming from one or several pathologies.
The Piazza Bologna Veterinary Centre’s anaesthetist means we are highly specialised in animal operations under general anaesthetic.   
The Piazza Bologna Veterinary Centre offers a first-class service in oncology for animals.

The Piazza Bologna Veterinary Centre also specialises in caring for your exotic animals! Contact us.

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